Asset Searches

There are many situations of a business or personal nature in which it is essential to search for assets. Knowledge of such assets can make a difference in the establishment of grounds for various types of interpersonal actions, or decision making in business relationships. Thus, an asset search is vital to full disclosure of resources in a variety of matters, whether personal, civil, or criminal.

It is important to conduct an asset search prior to filing suit against an individual or company to determine what assets are present in the event a judgment is ordered by the court. It is not worth the cost of legal fees to file a suit against a person or company that will be unable to satisfy an eventual judgment. It is also important to determine what assets or property could be attached on an uncontested basis once a judgment is issued, assuming a victory in the suit. If the entity to be sued has nothing of value, there is no point in entering the suit.

At G.I.S. our certified asset recovery specialists utilize an extensive network of databases, financial data and years of experience to conduct thorough investigations to determine the assets owned by a business or individual.