Employment Identifier

Our latest development, the “Employment Identifier” has been specifically designed for Law Firms, Businesses, Financial Institutions, and Collection Agencies using specialized proprietary procedures and information systems. A critical and unique part of our judgment recovery services, this process is designed to identify a defendant’s employer and address, along with the employer’s statutory agent for the purpose of wage garnishment. In most cases we are also able to provide the defendant’s current and verified address.

This process represents the cutting edge in judgment recovery. This is NOT your standard computer search. We have processed thousands of defendants using this system with staggering results. Our success rate exceeds 80% when we are provided with accurate and current information on the defendant. 

If you have attempted to identify this information on your own, or through another service with negative results, we encourage you to give our new process a try. Why sit on thousands of dollars’ worth of unpaid judgments? You have absolutely nothing to lose. In some cases, our fees can be recovered from the defendant in addition to recovery of the initial judgment amount.