Pre-Employment Screening 

G.I.S. has been conducting accurate pre-employment background investigations for government agencies, private business, and individuals for more than thirty (30) years. 

A background investigation may involve merely a criminal record search, or be more in depth, involving criminal records, civil records, assets, marital status, previous addresses, driving history, education verification, business affiliations, and other areas. 

    Our background Investigations are designed to fit your needs and meet your objectives. We have worldwide capability.  We have the resources to conduct your Background Investigations quickly and cost effectively.  No job is too large or too small.
We provide our clients with the most accurate and in-depth background investigations in the industry. With the introduction of the internet; the industry of pre-employment background investigations has become overly reliant on third party databases that claim to provide criminal history information. We do not rely solely on third party databases as do many of our competitors. These sites are useful to an extent, but they are by no means completely accurate. In addition to utilizing these sites we also conduct criminal records searches directly through the courts.